Sprints, Sausages & Sportsmanship

Yes the Sprint leg of the 2012 Club Championships had it all.

So much so that there will be some big reforms needed so next year we avoid the sudden death style of racing we had to adopt due to time issues.

The great thing was that everyone was happy to enjoy the night and rip out a couple of sprints.

Congratulations to our out of towners who made allowances due to the time constraints, we hope there will be a better opportunity next year for all of you.

The juniors were on first and as they warmed up they noticed two extra lines on the track in bend 2 and down the back straight, these were chalk lines that showed the 2 preffered lines for the Flying 200 on the Brunswick Track.

With 15 minutes remaining in the warm up Cam called all the juniors to the fence and explained to them what the lines meant and advised them all to roll through each one to see which suited them best.

Qualifying went without a hitch and quite a few used the “Beasley” line, staying high as they passed the 200 and using all the downhill of the back straight and banking before entering turn 3.

Fastest of them all was Liam Hood with a 12.60, it’s great to see Liam on the bike in form again.

So here’s the results of the Juniors.

M17 Qualifying
Liam Hood 12.60
Riley Terrans 13.35
James Butler 13.47
James pane 13.59
Andre Arkritidis 13.81
Ian Herman 14.97
Warn Helan Chaplin 15.35

M17 1st Round

Riley def Warn
Ian def James B
James P def Andre

M17 Semi Final winners to gold final losers to bronze
Liam def Ian
James P def Riley

M17 Bronze final (best of 3)

Riley def Ian

Gold Final (best of 3)

Liam def James P

W17 Qualifying

Georgia Mylonas 14.34

Gold Final (best of 3)

Yes you are reading it correctly the W17 Gold final went to 3 heats because Georgia is our only W17 at Brunswick, However!! as the heading mentioned sportsmanship the evening had bucket loads!! as Apryl “you are a gun” Eppinger accepted the offer to race with Georgia and give her some lessons on Sprint racing and boy did Georgia learn quickly! The first heat had elbows, shoulders, knees and the traditional “lift” in turn 4.

The second had more of the same plus some crowding in the final half lap.

The decider had Georgia on the front working all the track as Apryl barked instructions at her, by the bell both were in a sweat with dummies and blocks aplenty.

For those who are regular Tuesday competitors you would have become used to Apryl racing at DISC, however, she has an impressive palmares that few would be aware of.

Started racing in 1999, Won the W19 Sprint Title in 2003 and Represented Australia at the Junior World Track Championships that year, recieved the 2003 / 04 Victorian Female Track Cyclist of the Year Award and after a short break she has set her sights on the Sprint disipline, she now represents the Philippines and competed at the Melbourne round of the World Cup and has enjoyed success at the Asian and SEA games in recent times.

W15 Sprint Qualifying

Grace Mazzarella 16.78

Gold Final (best of 3)

again we didn’t have anyone to race with Grace, however, Jordyn hessett from Blackburn had a time of 16.06 and was happy to have a best of 3 with Grace, did I mention the night was awesome with sportsmen & women?

M15 Qualifying

Issac Gibbs 14.59

Pat Butler 15.03

Will Maughan 17.03

Gold Silver Bronze Final (best of 3)

Pat Gold, Isaac Silver, Will Bronze

W13 Qualifying

Sarah Gigante 15.96

Alanah Humphries – Grey 17.09

Emily Hughes 17.66

Once again we invited Alanah to have a best of 3 with Sarah and Emily and they all gave it 110% with the result being

Sarah Gold, Emily Silver Alanah Bronze

M13 Qualifying

Nathan Bof 15.41

Pat Fowler 16.56

Timmy Butler 17.13

Andrew Rigoni 18.47

Evan Humphries – Grey 17.37

The Gold final saw nathan get the better of pat while for the Bronze…you guessed it, we had a 3 up final¬† with Timmy edging out Evan and Andrew.

M11 Qualifying

Sam Armarego 21.65

Calvin Lloyd 23.85

Gold Final (best of 3)

Sam Gold Calvin Silver

We ran over time and the seniors didn’t get on the track till 20 past seven, but I think the standard of competition set by the future stars had inspired them to have a red hot go!

That report will follow.